Cake smash photography is fun!  But it can be hard work, especially when you challenge yourself to take pictures of your own child.

Normally, when I have a cake smash session, or any children photography session for that matter, I always have help from the parents.

Parents play a big role in making sure the session goes as smoothly as possible for their little one. However in my case, I was the one who had to make sure my baby did not run away while I tried to take the photos.

That is usually the case.  Maryam does not like to sit in one spot for long. But when it came to smashing cakes, Maryam was a pro. She really dug in to that cake and covered her mouth in green icing.

Maryam turned 1 on June 11. This was one cake smash I was extremely excited about.  I had been planning it all in my head for months.  I even made her little outfit – a cute little sari – to represent half of her cultural background, India.

The best part was the cake!  Hats off to local baker, Beenish Naqui of Sweet Joy Bake Shop.  I showed her a picture of the outfit with the color and Beenish baked a cake that matched it perfectly!

I decided to go with an Indian theme for the cake smash photography session.  To make it stand out, I used bright colors, which represent the vibrant culture, which worked out perfectly because these colors photographed so well.

So, here you have it folks…Maryam’s Cake Smash Session!